Yoga Workshop Themes

Introductory information about the upcoming workshop themes.

Next Workshop:
Sunday 7th May - 'The Back Body'

The human back is a miraculous combination of mobile structures giving us support, strength and sometimes tightness and discomfort.  It is often out of sight and out of mind until niggles or tiredness arise.  It is one part of the your body which you cannot reach and can be a storehouse of tension.  The liver, kidneys and adrenals live here, and can be reinvigorated and massaged by the correct postures.

At this workshop on 7th May, we will be bringing attention to the soft structures of the whole back plane of the torso  - fascia, muscles and connective tissue, with the aim of releasing long held tension and tightness, mobilising, strengthening and creating profound relaxation. 

The workshop is for greater wellbeing, rather than treating conditions and is not for chronic or acute conditions of the spine.

Workshop details and bookings

  1. Eltham Yoga Workshop
    upper back
  2. Eltham Yoga Workshop
    Mid Back
  3. Eltham Yoga Workshop
    Lower Back

Sunday 3rd July 2017
'Yoga & the 7 Chakras'